Cake Cleanse: Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too

Think back to the last time you did a juice cleanse – one or two weeks of minimal calories, and all primarily from raw vegetable and fruit juices. Though some proclaim juice cleanses to be the ultimate way to fit into a bikini, others cry foul at its lack of enjoyment. What makes the experience of human pleasure is food, good food, lovely and sometimes naughty foods. Take away enjoyable foods and what’s left? A juice cleanse. Some people struggle with food addictions and may even register at a recovery center.

Enter the Cake Cleanse. Sounds amazing, but be warned that unlike a juice cleanse, the diet is not cake for every meal, sadly. In fact, it actually is a restrictive calorie diet, just one that includes the joy of cake. Eustacia Huen, a Personal Trainers in Vancouver, recently reported on the new cleanse developed by Australian Deborah Schipper in October of 2015. Schipper’s intention, as presented on her website, is that the diet will “improve health and vitality…lose weight while enjoying foods…and [end] restrictive diets.” So how can this be?

Cake CleanseThe term “cake” is most likely used in a looser sense than the general populace anticipates. The cleanse is based on a recipe book that she created, with recipes focusing on healthy ingredients and gluten free flours. She combines Greek yogurt, coconut oil, and almonds, to name a few, avoiding refined sugars, preservatives, trans fats, and artificial anything found in store bought cakes and mixes. But while a cupcake at every meal sounds perfect, the diet itself also balances itself with high protein and loads of vegetables.

Be warned, however, that the diet is low calorie, at 1200 calories max a day. This does, however, include all the pancakes, cupcakes, and brownie-texture cakes in the recipe book. Though the selection of foods outside of sweet treats is vast and healthy, the servings are small. It is possible for participants to lose roughly one or two pounds a week, but staying the course for long might be challenging, even with the gimmick of having your cake and eating it too.

Regardless of the fad diet plan you try, there are a few keys for dieting success. Forgive yourself if and when you fall off the diet wagon. Pick yourself up and start again immediately, not tomorrow or next week. Keep your plates balanced, focusing on whole foods and less on processed foods. Count calories in and calories out. Cell phone apps now can track both for you, but weighing foods to determine portion sizes is important as well. Last, get physical. Aim for 30 minutes a day of moderate activity, even just walking at a good pace.